I am an artist, handweaver, and art educator living in the Des Moines, Iowa area.  I am currently weaving rugs made with all-natural alpaca raised on my family's farm.  My interest in fiber and all things art related goes back as far as I can remember- I have always been dabbling and experimenting with something.  

My formal education began with an Associate's degree in business.  After a year in the program however, I realized I needed to be in art, and after transferring to Iowa State University to continue my bachelor's degree, I moved into the Integrated Studio Arts program.  I primarily focused on drawing and fiber, although I took studios in all of the different areas offered- including printmaking, photography, painting, metals, woods, and graphic design in addition to drawing and fibers.  After three years, I graduated with my BFA in Integrated Studio Arts and a minor in Psychology.

Following earning my BFA, I moved to Connecticut to complete an apprenticeship with an artist and handweaver, Stephanie Morton, where I had the chance to be immersed in production handweaving working specifically with alpaca, rag rugs, and dyeing fiber naturally with indigo.  I also helped to lead workshops and classes to students of all ages. 

When I moved back to Iowa in late 2014, I decided to pursue teaching full time and earned my  Master of Arts in Teaching.  Currently, I teach middle school art as well as run my handweaving business.